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Drone Services

We are a FAA Drone Certified company that offers drone services in Columbus, Ohio. We use our drone services for inspections, photography, real estate services, and video. Take your company to the next level by utilizing unique perspective and showing off you work with amazing project videos. Drones have major benefits that could assist your company in safety, time management, and gives you an opportunity to stand out against your competition.

Drone Inspections

Drone Inspection is a great tool for all contractors. No more climbing ladders and getting on slippery, steep roofs, instead hire us to use our drone and get a close look at your project through photos and video. Inspect on location in real time or have us email you the files once you get back to the office. Either way using a drone is safer and more time friendly then the traditional method.

Drone Photography

Drone Photography is a great service to use when you finish a large project. We used our drone photography when we finished a huge paver patio and in the midst of repairing the stadium concrete at Denison University. Drone Photography is also great for demo projects or projects that require materials to be taken off and then put back on or rebuilt. It allows you to capture the full project in one picture and at a incredible view rather than the boring single ground photos that can only show parts of your finished project.

Drone for Real Estate

Drones are used for real estate to capture the uniqueness of the property. Is your home on the corner lot? Is the property large with hard to imagine property lines? Is the property a high rise apartment downtown? A drone will be able to capture every unique aspect and allow the potential buyers to see all of the benefits of purchasing your property.

Drone Videography

Drone Videography can be used to capture a process being performed in a boom lift or swing stage. It can also be used to inspect items requiring ladders or lifts, such as chimney inspections.

Chimney Inspection by Drone

Pressure Washing Process

Completion of Denison University Brick Patio