Commercial Projects

We accept any size commercial project. We have worked on small churches, to medium projects such as the COSI Science Center, to large high rises in downtown Columbus. We have recently started to move outside of the Columbus area reaching the areas of Zainesville, Granville, Dayton, Cincinnati, and now Vincennes Indiana. Below are some of the bigger projects we’ve done over the years.

AEP Headquarters

While on the AEP Headquarters our company Spot Caulked all the Stone, 100% Caulked all of the Glass to the Frame, and Chemical Cleaned the entire building.

Air Center

On this project we Sandblasted and Tuckpointed the front of the building. To finish the project we Painted the entire front to give the building a fresh new look.

Bricher Eckler

On this project we Spot Pointed, Patched the Masonry and then we Chemically Cleaned the entire Building

Broad St. Methodist Church

This building was one of our favorites because of the unique stone chosen for the exterior. We removed the entire Exterior Stone Facade and replaced all of it with the green stone shown in the picture below.

COSI Science Center

We’ve done quite a bit of work on COSI throughout the years. Below you’ll see the project where we Spot Pointed, Masonry Patched the Original High School, Chemically Cleaned the entire exterior, and Waterproofed the entire exterior.

Columbus College of Art and Design

We worked on CCAD to Rebuild the Top of the Design Building, Spot Point the Parapet Wall, and then Chemically Cleaned the entire building.

Denison University: Entry Columns

We worked on the entry columns leading into Denison University. On this project we Grinded Out Mortar Joints, Replaced some of the Brick and Relayed it, Tuckpointed, Patched the Masonry, and Power Washed to finish the project.

Denison University Stadium Repair

The Stadium Steps were Power Washed, Masonry Patched, Concrete Patched, Painted, and Cleaned. The Bleachers’ Base were also repainted black and reset.

Indiana Bridge

This project is the furthest distance from Columbus that we have done. We are currently removing all the stone from the bridge which totals to around 2,100 pieces of stone. They will be stores and eventually have to be reset and put back on. There will be more photos to come of this project, however this is before we have started and should give you an idea of how big this project is.

Lakewood High School

In this project we were asked to Paint the entire Exterior of the School during summer break.

Select Medical

This project needed a 100% Re-Caulked, Pressure Washed, and Waterproofed on the entire exterior of the building. As well as needing the Shelf Angles Replaced and Brick Replacement performed.

State Auto Headquarters

On the State Auto Headquarters we had to Remove all of the Existing Caulking on the entire building and then Re-Caulk the entire building. In addition we had to also Paint the building.

Other Commercial Projects

Here are some of our other commercial projects that are not shown above.