"Quality that's "just good enough" never is, here at H.K. Phillips Restoration."

Delivering Quality

Since 1959

H.K. Phillips Restoration has been in business for 62 years here in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years we have become a trusted company to work on a wide range of historical buildings as well as hundreds of commercial buildings.

We have acquired the expertise and knowledge that is so vital to properly restore all types of masonry and make the masonry weather-tight. We want to ensure that the work we do is quality work because quality is the key to masonry restoration.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of masonry services. From cleaning to restoring to replacing, we can fix just about any problem you have. Below are some of our most common services that we offer:

Brick and Stone Restoration

Performed when the brick or stone needs to be repaired, replaced or reset. This is our speciality and one of our most common services.

Chemical Cleaning

Allows the removal of stains and pollutants from brick, granite, or stone masonry. Once the chemical cleaning is complete, the masonry is rinsed with high-pressure water.

Patching Masonry

Repairing deteriorated/spalled masonry such as concrete, brick, stone and terra cotta to ensure it being weather-tight and/or to repair the masonry so it looks better and is not a safety hazard. 

Replacing Deteriorated Masonry

Replacing deteriorated masonry is performed by identifying the deteriorated masonry and removing it from the structure. Once removed, it is then replaced by a new piece of masonry that matches in color and texture to the original masonry being replaced.


The re-pointing of the deteriorated mortar joints in a existing masonry wall. Typically, the wall is brick, stone or block and is usually at least, ten to twenty years old. Re-pointing should last twenty years if under the right conditions.

Waterproofing Masonry

Water repellents do a good job of repelling water and if properly applied and warrantied, it usually will stop water penetration of the area for at least a few years.

Our Services

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