About Our Company

It started with an idea...

H.K. Phillips Restoration has almost 60 years experience in the field of restoration and consulting. Our roots grew out of Historic German Village located in Columbus, Ohio and since 1959 we have been the trusted name in masonry restoration and historical preservation. Over the years we have acquired the expertise and knowledge that is so vital to properly restoring multiple types of exterior masonry and making the masonry weather-tight.

Our History


H.K. Phillips was founded by Harold K. Phillips and began its first project in the historic German Village located in Columbus, Ohio.


Founder, Harold K. Phillips' son took over H.K. Phillips Restoration. Spike Phillips became president of the company and now continues the work of his father.


H.K. Phillips Restoration received the company's first Million Dollar project.


H.K. Phillips Restoration celebrates 50 years of business in Columbus, Ohio.


H.K. Phillips Restoration receives the company's largest project of 1.7 million dollars.

Our number one priority is quality. Quality is the key to masonry restoration and is defined as a "degree or grade of excellence" which is what each of our employees are trained to produce. We strive to make sure our work is consistent no matter the size or timeline of the given project.

All our manufacturers and suppliers are local throughout Columbus, Ohio and have the same core values as H.K. Phillips Restoration. We have been in business for almost 60 years because of our excellence in communication with the client, the continuous growing knowledge of the industry and producing quality that we stand by.