Waterproofing Masonry


Waterproofing Masonry is a little misleading because there really is no guarantee that an application of water repellents will, without a doubt, stop water from penetrating the inside of a masonry wall from the outside of the wall. However, water repellents do a good job of repelling water and if properly applied and warrantied, it usually will stop water penetration of the area for at least a few years. Of course this assumes that the masonry wall is already as weathertight as it can be (ex. recently tuck-pointed, caulked, cleaned, properly draining, etc.).

When should you Waterproof?
  • When water is leaking into property
  • When wall appears to be holding water (looks saturated)
  • When you re-tuckpoint or reseal (caulk/glaze)
  • When mortar joints and/or masonry fails water tests
  • When you notice severe cracking, spalling or rupturing of masonry
  • When you notice stains, efflorescence, etc.
  • Every five to ten years for maintenance