Chemical Cleaning


Chemical Cleaning normally uses one or sometimes more, chemicals to break the bond between the surface soiling agent and the substrate. This allows the removal of stains and pollutants from brick, granite, or stone masonry. Once the chemical cleaning is complete, the masonry is rinsed with high-pressure water.

When should you Chemical Clean?
  • When pressure washing and/or steam cleaning fails to clean masonry to your satisfaction
  • When you have tough to remove graffiti, paint, deep rust, efflorescence, heavy concentrations 0f dirt/pollution, chemical/acidic stains, etc.
  • When you want to enhance the appearance of your property/project
  • If you are waterproofing a building. Always chemical clean if there are existing stains on masonry because these stains will be twice as hard in the future to remove, chemical cleaning will also assist waterproofing's adhesion to surface.