Painting and Staining


Staining Masonry is the process of transforming the color of masonry with a sheer custom stain. Masonry Stain can be used on brick, block, mortar, natural and manufactured stone, concrete and more.

Painting Masonry should only be used in certain applications which would be EIFS, stucco and concrete deterioration, severe brick and stone deterioration where budget constraints or replacement material shortages occurs, and where demolished buildings abutted another structure, etc. There are several grades of paints, wall coatings, and stains for masonry designed to meet specific needs. We recommend using either acrylic, cementitious or elastomeric coatings for exterior painting instead of using a thin application of paint.


  • Superior color and gloss retention under UV exposure
  • Better adhesion than latex paints

Cementitious Based:

  • Excellent waterproofing capabilities
  • Some have portland cement mixture that provides tenacious adhesion
  • Ideal for porous, rough and bare masonry with moisture problems such as block


  • Superior waterproofing capabilities with lowest perm ratings
  • Outstanding adhesive and cohesive strengths
  • Allows substrates to breath without damaging coating
  • Excellent elasticity for movement capability
  • Resistant to salt spray, fungus and mildew on a variety of substrates
  • Ideal for EIFS, stucco and concrete